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How does our Turnkey Voice Broadcasting work?

Voice Broadcasting is the methodology in which each answered call will hear your short message.  Within the message the recipient of the call has the option of pressing the number one to hear more details.  The message also includes an opt-out to be removed from future calls by pressing two.  When they press one, the call is transferred to your personal mailbox service that plays another audio that is typically more detailed than the message they heard from the voice broadcasting platform.  They will be prompted to leave a message after the detailed audio if they are interested in learning more.  

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Messages left by prospects are your "hot leads" that should be called back ASAP.  The voice mailbox system will send you text and eMail messages when a response has been captured.  Simply listen to the message within your email or mailbox service back-office, allowing you to follow up in a timely timeframe.  Your text message includes the prospects phone number, allowing you to call back instantly if you choose.  Your private mailbox will receive calls after the campaign has ended from people calling back from missed calls appearing on their Caller-ID often leading to more "hot leads".  

Many voice mailbox services include unlimited messages and minutes for a low fixed monthly fee.  Private voice mailbox services may also be utilized for other promotional endeavors in addition to voice broadcasting, making it a valuable marketing tool for print ads, postcards, free classifieds and business cards, just to name a few.   

"Instant Transfer" when your prospect presses ONE  Some inherent problems with the public switched telephone network are slow call setup times and successful call completion. Transferred calls are the lifeblood of your campaign. Call failures and completion delays translate to lost prospects.  With call failures up to 30%, you need "Instant Transfer."  Available when transferring to www.800Link.com

Self Managed Voice Broadcastings - Less than a Penny per-minute

$495 for 50,000 minutes - Cut your Voice Broadcasting campaign costs down considerably with our "Less Than a Penny" per-minute voice broadcasting.  Typical savings over other services is 45 to 50 percent.  Please call us directly to answer questions or get your account set up.  Save up to 6% with our 150k package.  See details on our payment center page. 

Budget tight right now?  Try our $295 program providing 25,000 minutes.  Rate is 1.18 cents per minute.  Just a tad below 1.2 cents per minute.  Still a great rate over other services that charge higher per minute rates and monthly recurring fees.  

No setup or monthly recurring fees.  No contracts or minimums.  Please see our features page for full details.  Our most popular feature is a company wide internal Do-Not Call database.  This database is primarily composed of individuals who profile as particularly irate, hostile, litigious, or just plain rude.  This saves you time, money and aggravation while avoiding un-necessary contact with people identified as problematic.   

You control your account via a user friendly Campaign Management Web site. All changes are in real-time, and reports are up to the second.  View our Voice Broadcast Training Video to learn how easy it is to use our control center to manage your voice broadcasting campaigns.  We are interconnected with multiple  telecommunications providers for redundancy. In the event any individual provider fails to complete a call, we will reroute to another provider until the call completed.  If you utilize 800Link as your voice mailbox provider, we offer Instant Transfer technology connecting your transferred call instantly.  View our How Voice Broadcasting Works video to learn more.


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