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Turnkey Voice Broadcasting offers a truly state-of-the-art system.  What sets our Voice Broadcasting Platform apart from other companies is our comprehensive call delivery and management system. Below is a comprehensive list of all the features and proprietary innovations we employ across our network, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. We invite you to test drive our control center.  Login to your Web-Based Campaign Management System to see how easy it is to control your campaign HERE.  Learn how to use our Control Center by viewing our Training Video

Web Based Account Management - Changes in Real Time
  • Turn your campaign ON or OFF in real-time
  • Change your scheduled broadcast hours for automatic starting and stopping
  • Change the "Caller-ID" displayed on the outgoing calls
  • Increase or decrease the number of calls attempted per minute (dialing speed)
  • Change the maximum number of simultaneous calls allowed to your office
  • "Instant Transfer" when your prospect presses ONE. (Transfers in 1 to 2 seconds compared to several seconds using conventional connection methods.)  Available when using www.800Link.com voice mail service.  An added bonus limits "Transfer Hang-ups" due to non-connected calls.  Transfer hang-ups are a leading cause of lost prospects, often running as high as 30% loss of transferred calls.
  • Change your "Transfer Calls To" phone number(s)
  • Playback recordings of your transferred calls for quality control and training
  • Add numbers to, and manage your company specific Do-Not-Call list
  • Do-Not-Call Maintenance utilizing our Company-Wide database primarily composed 
    of individuals who we have identified as particularly irate, hostile, litigious, or just 
    plain rude.  (Data gathered from 2003 to present)
  • Provide National Do-Not-Call List Cleaning 
  • Connect to the "Call Notification System" for screen popup information
  • Automatically E-Mail you contact information on EVERY transferred incoming caller 
  • Run real-time reports showing a detailed analysis of your calling results
  • Download your call records showing the details of each and every call placed
  • Upload a recording to use, record a new message, or change delivery options
  • NO LONG TERM commitments

We Dial 100% Of Your List - No 'Problem/Error' calls - Most of our competitors won't even ATTEMPT to dial almost half of the phone numbers in your list to call. Why? Because the United States is divided up into regions controlled by incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers (ILECs & CLEC's). Most ILECs charge a extra premium to terminate a call into their region. To save money our competitors won't even attempt your call. With us, your call will ALWAYS be attempted, routed, and re-routed until we complete the call. We NEVER skip numbers, or call them 'Problem Calls'.

FREE - Instant Transfer when your prospect presses ONE - Some inherent problems with the public switched telephone network are slow call setup times and successful call completion. Transferred calls are the lifeblood of your campaign. Call failures and completion delays translate to lost prospects.  With call failures up to 30%, you need "Instant Transfer."  Available when transferring to www.800Link.com   Getting you connected with more of your hot prospects, increases your bottom line.

FREE Do-Not-Call Maintenance - We maintain a Company-Wide Do-Not-Call list, primarily composed of individuals who we have identified as particularly irate, hostile, litigious, or just plain rudeÖ. People you really donít want to voice broadcast to or speak with for any reason.  We also provide an Account-Specific Do-Not-Call list exclusively for your account. You will be able to import your own Do-Not-Call telephone numbers into our network to ensure that these people will never be called.   
FREE Call Recording - At NO ADDITIONAL COST, we will record ALL calls transferred to your office or call center to ensure your staff is doing their job effectively. You will be able to listen to the recorded calls at anytime 24/7 via our Web-Based Campaign Management System.   
FREE Simultaneous Call Limitation - We know that you only have a limited number of people who can answer the phone at the same time. When a specific number of callers are simultaneously talking with your office, your broadcast will stop AUTOMATICALLY, once someone gets off the phone, the calls will automatically continue. This ensures your office will never be inundated with too many calls, yet always gets just enough to keep everyone busy.

NO Setup Fees - We are the low cost leader in Voice Broadcasting. We focus on volume and will not nickel and dime you. You will know your EXACT costs before your campaign begins.

All Digital Network - Your calls will be made via fiber optic cross connections to major providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Level 3 Communications. We DO NOT USE low bit rate Voice over IP to terminate our calls which usually result in poor audio quality and lower response rates.

Dedicated Account Manager - Your company will have a single point of contact for all of your account servicing needs. There is no need to speak to different departments or go through any management hierarchy.  All of our support personnel are located within the United States.

FREE National Do-Not-Call List Scrubbing - We can optionally scrub your selected or uploaded database against the Federal Trade Commission's 'National Do-Not-Call List' Database FREE of charge.  This should not be necessary when broadcasting Business-to-Business data. 

FREE Wireless Number Scrubbing - We can optionally scrub your selected or uploaded database against our continuously updated database of wireless numbers within the United States.

FREE Caller Hang up Notification Service - Sometimes the individual who pressed "1" to be connected to you, will hang up the phone before your office answers the call. If this happens, your office will automatically receive a call with the following message : "The individual who pressed one hung up the telephone, if you would like to call them back, they can be reached at ...." allowing you to quickly call the person back.

FREE Web-Based Database Processing Capabilities - You need to make sure that the list you are using is processed properly before starting your calls. Our service can de-duplicate your list to ensure telephone numbers are dialed only once. Additionally, we can randomize your list to ensure that your responses come back evenly distributed, and not in bursts.

FREE Call Announcement Feature - When a call is transferred to you, we can optionally have an announcement play a message "You have a transferred call" a moment before to the call is actually connected to you. This will allow your staff a moment to compose themselves so they can handle the call appropriately. It also allows your office to know the difference between a normal call, and when of our transferred calls are coming through.

FREE Automatic Transfer Retry - If we transfer a call to your office, and all of your lines are busy, we will automatically redial your phone number every two seconds until we get through. During that time the caller will hear hold music.

FREE Caller-ID Notification - All the calls we transfer to your office or call center will display the Caller-ID of the individual who pressed "1'. This is an additional source for identification separate from our "Call Transfer Notification System" and "E-Mail Notification System".

FREE Mark For Removal Feature - Sometimes a caller presses "1" to have their call transferred to your office or call center, but then asks to be put on the Do-Not-Call list. In this case, simply press the Star Key (*) on your telephone at any time during the conversation with the caller. You and the caller will both hear a recording confirming the person has been placed placed on the Do-Not-Call list, then the call will be disconnected.

Secure/Encrypted Network Communications - Our network uses 2048 bit RSA encryption for 'HTTPS' Web Based Client communications. This is the government standard for transmission and receipt of confidential data. Our network security policies are HIPAA compliant and data transmission can be limited to encrypted channels for compliance purposes, as well as to ensure packet sniffers, and other unscrupulous individuals can't get their hands on it.


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